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Townsend's Sorghum is an all natural sweetener that is derived from the sorghum cane plant.  Our sorghum contains no chemical additives or preservatives.  Good sorghum is thick like honey although it is slightly darker in color and has a sweeter taste.  Townsend’s Sorghum is high in nutritional value and contains such nutrients like potassium, protein, phosphorous, iron and calcium. For a full list of all the different nutrients, click here.
If total order is over 80lbs, please place your order via phone by calling 859-498-4142 for accurate shipping charges.  Please DO NOT place the order online.

*** To ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the United States, contact us directly for shipping costs and arrangements.  Please contact us at or 859-498-4142 for more information.

Sweet Sorghum - 32 Oz. Jug

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